Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tiger Gets a 'W'

In honor of Tiger Woods' big win today at the Chevron World Challenge, I give you the Top 10 Tiger Moments, courtesy of

(This list excludes Majors, so shots like his Masters chip-in are mere honorable mentions.)

If you didn't see the tournament, Tiger went head-to-head in his Sunday red against his playing partner Zach Johnson.  Johnson and Woods were at least three shots clear of the rest of the field all day.  Heading into the 16th hole the two were tied at -8.  Both played it safe on their tee shots, and laid up on their seconds.  This move favored Johnson who is recognized as one having one of the best wedge-games on tour.  This proved to be true as Johnson hit his 3rd pin high, while Tiger came up short.  Tiger two-putt from the fringe, while Zach sunk his putt to take a one shot lead with two to play.

17 is a downhill par 3.  Johnson hit his tee shot to about 15 feet.  Tiger hit his to about 12.  ZJ called off his caddie saying, "I've got this one," obviously feeling confident about the line.  He stroked a good putt, but it was a bit to firm and didn't take the last break into the cup.  Now it's Tiger's turn for birdie, a putt that would even the match heading into 18.  He stepped over the ball and hit his putt.  The right to left breaker was being watched by the thousands in attendance on massive jumbo-trons.  When the putt dropped, Tiger's patented fist pump was thrusted at the cup, and greeted by roars from the crowd.

With the two players now tied at -9, Tiger would tee off first on the 72nd hole.  He smashed a long iron down the center of the fairway, leaving him a good look at the pin.  Johnson, perhaps trying to set up a shorter second shot, pulled out his driver.  His ball started down the right side turning over toward the fairway but caught a tree branch taking about 30 yards off the distance.  This would allow for Tiger to see Zach hit his shot first, and know what he has to do.  Johnson landed his ball on the green, leaving him about a 12 foot downhill putt.  So, Tiger, in classic Tiger fashion, stepped up and hit his shot.  Pacing towards the pin as if it mattered how fast he got to the green, he stared his ball down as it landed just over top the pin and rolled back to about 7 feet.

Johnson's putt rolled past the cup leaving the door open for Tiger to end it in dramatic fashion.  And that is just what he did.  He picked his line, made his putt, and dropped the ball center cup.  He gave another fist pump, but this time you knew exactly what it meant.  The drought was over.  He finally got a W.  Hopefully this is a foreshadowing of things to come next year.  Golf is better game when Tiger is winning. I know he's made some questionable decision in his person life, but I don't care about his personal life.  I care about the golfer that made all of the shots in the video above.  He is, in my opinion, the best player to ever play the game.

Here after Tiger made his putt to win, Zach Johnson shakes his head in approval.

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