Tuesday, January 3, 2012

LifeProof Underwater Review

Okay, I know I was hyping up the LifeProof case yesterday as the best thing since sliced bread, but after 3 hours in the pool/hot tub last night I'm sticking with my story. Previously I had only put my phone under 6 inches of water. Yesterday I braved it through the freezing Florida weather (55 degrees) and took a dip in the pool.

This time I didn't hesitate. I dove right in, iPhone in hand. I took my phone down to the deepest point in my pool, 6 feet, with no problems. I also hopped in the jacuzzi (because further testing of the case needed to be done, of course). The 100+ degree water temperatures didn't seem to phase the phone.

I played a song underwater, which sounded remarkable clear, considering. I'm not sure your going to be needing to listen to a lot of music underwater but the concept seems more for people wanting to listen to music in the rain/shower. You can buy a waterproof set of headphones from the LifeProof website for as little as $30.

The ONLY downside I found in the test was that I couldn't actually use the touchscreen underwater. While this isn't a big problem, as you can take pictures and record video by pressing the volume button, in the video I posted yesterday it shows 'Mr. LifeProof' using his screen and swiping underwater. Not sure if the case needs to be broken in longer or if saltwater vs freshwater is a factor but I'll look into it. Here is a picture I took in the hot tub. Keep in mind, this was taken with the front facing camera, which is not as strong as the one on the back of the phone. Nevertheless, you can still get some great underwater photos.

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