Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orange Bowl Massacre

Last Night me and Dad went to the Orange Bowl to root on our Mountaineers as they took on the Clemson Tigers. In typical WVU fashion, we got a couple hours of tailgating in. After chit-chatting up a few Clemson fans, it was time to enter the stadium. Our seats were great, sitting 18 rows up at the 50 yd line.

The WVU band, The Pride of West Virginia came out and put on a good performance. Clemson's band came out strong but had a weak finish, leaving their fans quiet. Perhaps it was a sign of things to come for the actual game!

After trading punts to start off the game, Clemson and West Virginia traded TD scoring drives twice. WVU held Clemson to a FG on their next drive and then a go-ahead touchdown ensued. Then came the turning point for the game. Dan Patrick hosts a show NFL Turning Point on Versus, which looks back at the previous week's important plays in the from each game. If they were covering college football, this would most certainly be the play they would highlight.

With Clemson trailing 21-17, they had driven the ball down inside the 10 yard line. I was sure they were going to pound it in because of the way the game had been going. They called a run play and the ball carrier was stood up right at the goal line. I thought he was in. Then I see a West Virginia player running the opposite way. AND WAIT! He's got the ball!!! 99 yards to the house! I was utterly shocked. It wasn't until the player was about 80 yards into the run before I started cheering because I was so shocked at what happened.  From that point on it wasn't even a contest. Touchdown after touchdown. The WVU score just kept getting bigger and bigger. At halftime we were leading 49-20 so me and Dad left the game to head back to the hospital and spend some more time with Mom since she was all alone.  From there we saw the game come to an end with a final score of 70-33! I could go through all of the records that were shattered during the game but I think I'll just show you some of the Instagrams I took during the game. Enjoy!

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