Monday, January 2, 2012

Two New Cameras

Good news! I have two new cameras for the new year.  The big one is the DSLR that I got for Christmas. It is the Canon EOS Rebel T2i.  You may have seen commercials for the T3i over the holidays. It's basically the same thing without a flip out display. Oh, and you save about $300 by getting last years model! In addition to the standard 18-55mm lens that comes with the camera, I got a 75-300mm lens which is AMAZING! I went outside and took a picture of a bee that was flying around and you can seriously see the hairs on little bugger! Pictures are sooo clear!

The second weapon that I'll be shooting with this year is one that I already had, my iPhone! I have the iPhone 4s, which has an 8MP camera on it.  But that's not it! I just bought the LifeProof case for it, which allows you to take your phone UNDERWATER!!! It's not one of those cases that if your phone drops in the water for a few seconds it might be alright.  The LifeProof case literally let's you take your phone in the pool, the ocean, a rainstorm and use it as usual.  Yes, thats right! You can snap underwater photos and videos!  So far, I have only run a little test in my sink under 6 inches of water (I was SO scared, haha).  The LifeProof website which you can visit HERE says that you can take the phone under 5 feet of water. But, in the video of the LifeProof guy snorkeling with his iPhone, he says he went down to about 10 feet.  I'm sure you could take it deeper but I wouldn't risk it (unless your up for an upgrade)!  The case is a bit pricey at $80.  However, it is PERFECT for those of you with butterfingers or those looking to turn their iPhone into an underwater camera.  You can get it at most electronic stores if you don't want to wait for shipping online. I bought mine at Best Buy.

I'll try and take some underwater pics sometime this week. Stay tuned!

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